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Fashion History: The Baracuta G9

This #FashionFriday, we’re looking at one of our all-time favourites in British men’s fashion, the G9 Harrington jacket from Baracuta. Since being designed as a golf jacket in 1937, this jacket has become a classic in the world of British men’s fashion. The Harrington gained its nickname from character Rodney Harrington in the 1960’s soap opera Peyton Place.

Over the years, the Harrington jacket has been worn by musicians and Hollywood stars such as Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Elvis Presley. Along with these icons of history, the Harrington is also loved by modern films tough-guys, such as Jason Statham, Tom Hardy and Daniel Craig.

Keep reading to see why this jacket is so popular and continues to be a staple in menswear.

A jacket for everyone:

The Harrington is incredibly versatile and suits anyone. With its high quality, slim fit and timeless look, you can wear a Harrington whether you’re 19 or 90. Throughout the years, the piece has crossed over from Ivy League fashion to Mod, Ska, and even Punk.

Coolmax Technology:

Since 1937, Baracuta has continued to develop and improve the G9. Along with many more colour options, the jacket has gained Coolmax technology. This has allowed the jacket to become fully wearable in all seasons, keeping you warm when needed yet remaining breathable in warm weather.

Quality and Style:

Whether you go for the classic tan or a modern blue or black, you wont regret adding this jacket to your wardrobe. With the umbrella stitched back and statement tartan lining, the attention to detail and quality is unmatched.

That’s it for this weeks #FashionFriday. To add a piece of fashion history to your wardrobe, invest in a Baracuta G9 today. Visit our showroom on Chestergate, Macclesfield to find your perfect fit.

See you soon!

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