John Douglas Macclesfield Premium Suits

Getting a great looking suit that wears well and will still look good at the end of a long day when you drop into the bar for a drink to wind down can be a problem especially when you don’t want to pay the earth. This is something that John Douglas truly understands and have sourced some of the best British, Italian and German brands at sensible prices.

The Modern Man’s suit can be divided simply into two categories:

The Slim Fit

Designed to have a more tailored look, the Slim Fit suit pulls into the wearers waist and broadens the shoulders to create a great silhouette. A full suit with 3 pieces can become a versatile benefit to your wardrobe as the pieces can be used for both casual or formal ensemble together or separately. We have this type of suit from premium brands like Remus Uemo and Gibson to fit all body types as the pieces can be mixed and matched which David, Keith and Lesley will be more than happy to assist you with.

The Business Suit

We have suits available well suited for all types of professionals. The Business Suit usually come in three principle colours: navy, black and gray to accommodate your formal attire needs. This type of suit also comes in low crease material with machine washable trousers and can be mixed and matched to fit all body types which David, Keith and Lesley will be more than happy to assist you with. Our most popular business suits are available from Benvenuto.

We understand how important the fit of a suit is and therefore, we offer alteration services too.

For a great look in the office that your colleagues will think you must have had a pay rise to afford, come and visit our Suit Room in John Douglas and let us show you how stylish and well made suits don’t need to cost a fortune.

We offer suit hire services for special occasions as well, for more information please click here.