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Replay Jeans: Your new favourite autumn denim

This #FashionFriday it’s time to find your new favourite pair of jeans for AW19. From lazy weekends, dress up nights out or the casual everyday, a good pair of jeans can make any outfit. This week, we’re looking at the latest from one of our favourite brands in men’s jeans, Replay.

Replay jeans in multiple shades of blue and grey lay on a cream carpet

‘Jeans are more than just a piece of clothing. They do not only last for a season. Jeans blend with the body, are moulded by the body into an indissoluble whole, becoming one with the wearer in a sublime symbiosis. Jeans reflect just who we are – slipped on in seconds, shaped over the years as the fabric adapts to and enhances every single curve and fold.

This is why they’re so sexy. This is why they’re still so rebellious, still a symbol of dressing and thinking outside the box. Above all, this is what makes them so unique. No two pairs are ever the same, just as no two people are ever the same. Yet there’s nothing haute couture or high class about jeans. They’re democratic.’


Since being founded in 1981 in Italy, Replay has become a household name in both men’s and women’s fashion: particularly of course, for their jeans. With incredible high quality, attention to detail and range of colours, washes and fits, Replay Jeans are a must-have in every modern mans wardrobe. Keep reading to see some of our current favourites this #FashionFriday.

Replay Jeans: Feeling Blue

Whatever the occasion, you can’t often go wrong with a classic blue jean. Replay have more shades of blue than you could imagine, from dark indigo’s to bright and light tones. We’ve paired the two below with simple T-Shirts; light blue from Matinique for everyday style or stripes from Replay for a relaxed day-to-night look.

Two pairs of blue jeans from Replay lay on a cream carpet. A light blue tshirt from Matinique and a white and blue striped tshirt from Replay lay folded on top.

Casual Cool Tones:

If standard blue jeans aren’t your thing, Replay offer a huge variety of blacks and greys to mix up your look. We love this charcoal pair below, matched with a plain white tee. Alternatively, this washed denim pair are great for that ‘distressed’ vintage look.

Hyperflex Technology:

One of the best things about Replay Jeans is the innovative use of Hyperflex Technology. Gone are the days of having to wash your jeans after one wash just to get their shape back! Replay Hyperflex has you covered for style, comfort and longevity.

The main features of Replay Hyperflex are high elasticity, excellent fabric recovery and superior comfort. This means that Replay Hyperflex offers complete ease of motion, great shape retention – no sagging or deforming even after considerable wear, plus a luxurious feel.


That’s it for this weeks #FashionFriday. To find your new favourite everyday jeans from Replay, visit our showroom on Chestergate, Macclesfield.

See you soon!

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