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Puffer Perfection

David’s fashion advice this Friday: Puffer jackets are in

And! You’re in luck because the new jackets we have in are from Barbour and Camel Active, two professional brands who know exactly what you want and need. If you prefer a more casual outerwear this winter, a puffer jacket is perfect. Not only are they durable against wind and rain, they’re also perfect against the colder weather.

_dsc0008From the look and feel we can just tell they’re of sublime quality. The quilted features add an interesting texture to the look and the intricate stitching feels very luxurious.

This Barbour ‘Templand Quilted’ puffer jacket in mustard yellow is aesthetically pleasing. The vibrancy of the jacket would really add an edge to any outfit. The outside material feels durable but the inside is soft and warm which guarantees optimum comfort. It has a simple structure which means that it will go with a variety of casual-wear.

We also have the ‘Leven Quilted’ puffer jackets in candy apple red and charcoal black. They both have a wax sheen that adds an intensity to both colours and has that Barbour quality we know and love. The red and black is complementary for anyone regardless of gender or age.


This Camel Active puffer jacket in a wild blue colour has a trendy faux fur collar. Camel Active have focused here on creating the perfect winter jacket by maximising warmth and comfort. The faux fur strays slightly from the casual but allows a more bolder and exciting look. It feels amazing on and looks great. Perfect for the modern active ‘outdoorsman’, it has several pockets that could have a lot of use.


Whether you want something simple with a quilted design or a more striking style, John Douglas are happy to help you find you exactly what you need. With excellent guidance and friendliness we have an exciting variety of casual outerwear in our showrooms on Chestergate, in Macclesfield.

We look forward to seeing you!

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