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John Smedley: Celebrating 232 Years!

This Fashion Friday! Celebrating John Smedley.

John Smedley, the oldest manufacturing fashion factory in the world is celebrating their 232nd year on BBC! Having survived throughout the years we can see why it has been described as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of knitwear.

The ever evolving fashion industry has been hard to keep up with but John Smedley have remained an independent British manufacturer throughout the centuries. They have adapted to fit the more relaxed and casual fashion industry but still have managed to keep a touch of the classic by the neckline styles and fit.

john smedley    john smedley

The Sea Island cotton is a wonderful material, the look and feel just scream “luxury!” at us. Even in photo, we can see how the material gives the fitted polo shirt an interesting texture. Described as looking like ‘waves’ the finely made shirt does not feel stiff and it feels great on. The neckline is classic and reminiscent to the more relaxed period of the sixties. We invite you to our John Douglas Showrooms on Chestergate, in the Heart of Macclesfield to make your own judgement!

We also have some beautiful Merino and Cashmere blended sweaters that are guaranteed to add a more luxurious feel to your ensemble. Much like the Sea Island cotton shirts, John Smedley focuses on bringing you practical and comfortable wear whilst retaining the elegance of a ‘luxury’ fashion item. The darker tones of navy, plum and black are perfect for the winter season but also for those who would like to maintain more of a muted look.

Here at John Douglas we are always focused on bringing you comfort, practicality and style. The name ‘John’ is not the only thing we share, we also share our values and ethos.

john smedley merino sweater t shirt

So, please be sure to tune into the BBC1 Breakfast Business News, live from John Smedley and to also pop into our John Douglas Showrooms for a look yourself.

We look forward to seeing you!

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