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Jeans Are Genius

jeans macclesfield

Try saying that ten times…

Summer arrives quickly at John Douglas! This #FashionFriday we’re looking at our new stock of… jeans! Modern styles have become so innovative and forward that our views towards casual and formal have changed drastically. Due to the widespread love for them, we have a huge variety of washes and cuts available!

replay jeans menswear casual semi-casual

Dressing down meant putting on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans but now fashion has evolved. Pairing jeans with blazers is as of now a popular minimalist combination. If paired with a sports jacket, there is a huge range of styles you can achieve in terms of colour and embellishments. Distinguished today as a ‘modern classic’, we can see why. The smart-casual attire will work on any occasion and for those who are unsure as to what ‘semi-formal’ entails, this blazer x denim is perfect.

camel active jeans menswear macclesfield

We’ve got new stock from fan favourites like G Star Raw, Replay and Camel Active. Their belief is simple: “jeans are a ‘crucial’ must-have item for anyone” and we have to agree. Replay describe jeans as something that remains “sexy” and also with a drop of the ‘rebellious’. They’re couture without all the extra pretentiousness that is often attached to fashion. John Douglas are here to help, so be sure to come in and find your pair!


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