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These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things – Accessories!

It’s all about Accessories, Accessories, Accessories this #FashionFriday!

We plan on staying warm and stylish as we have cracked out the wool hats, wool scarves, leather gloves, and socks.

We are all about dressing up and dressing down but accessories are what make an outfit. We can feel the winter at our feet (and our fingers!) and we are totally prepared.

barbour tartan scarf green jacket

barbour scarf tartan popular

Barbour International and Barbour are brands we can never promote enough because of their meticulous attention to detail. Their accessories are crafted with the wearer’s comfort in mind.

As seen above, they also have a fantastic range of ‘Original Tartans’ made with a luxurious blend of cashmere and lambswool which are available in a variety of colours. From ‘Ancient’ olives, ‘Muted’ camel, and ‘Cardinal’ reds there is a colour for everyone. It is complementary paired with both formal and casual jackets and will prevent you from looking too plain or boring.

schott leather gloves brown

We also have Schott’s leather gloves available in a dark chocolate brown. The gloves seen above are in a military style with clean button clasps and loops. The clean stitching further adds to the militaristic look but retains elegance with the soft deerskin material.

barbour tartan blazers jackets flatcap popular fashion menswear

Flat caps are also making a huge comeback this year and lo and behold, Barbour have an impressive collection of tweed, wool, and wax caps. We love how classic they look paired with our Barbour wax jackets.
Be sure to visit us at our John Douglas Showrooms on Chestergate, in the Heart of Macclesfield and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Before we switched to the John Douglas paper bags we had these old school plastic carrier bags and our loyal customer has kept this for over five years!
It is amazing to see how long we’ve been helping people find that special item.

We also had to announce, John Douglas were invited to Remus Uomo’s 25th Anniversary Gala in Belfast and it was an absolute honour to attend!

We strive to be stylish and practical so be sure to have that ‘extra touch’ this winter – we look forward to seeing you.


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