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Fashion History: The Original Harrington Jacket


This #FashionFriday we’re looking at a real staple in fashion history: The Harrington jacket by Baracuta.

The Harrington Jacket:

beige tan harrington jacket on model

Originally a golf jacket made in Manchester in 1937, this classic piece has become iconic in the world of men’s fashion. The ‘G9’ design earned it’s nickname ‘Harrington’ from character Rodney Harrington in the 1960’s soap opera Peyton Place.

frank sinatra harrington jacket posters john douglas menswear macclesfield

Over the years, this famed Baracuta jacket has been seen on true legends such as Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley. The G9 has been continuously worn by the Kings of cool and there is no denying it’s everlasting style.

blue harrington jacket in john douglas macclesfield

The Harrington comes in a range of colours, from the classic stone/tan to bright, modern colours. We think this dark navy blue is perfect for the modern man who wants something a little different in this understated style.

The Baracuta G9 is a fit that would suit any age and body type and is highly versatile within fashion tastes. Throughout history, the trend has crossed over from Ivy League fashion, to Mod, Ska, and even Punk.

This phenomenal coverage is quintessential with such a staple piece. Here at John Douglas, we believe that with a Baracuta G9, you simply can’t go wrong.

tartan lining baracuta label jacket

inside pocket harrington jacket baracuta

The attention to detail of these jackets is stunning. From the umbrella stitched back, to the tartan lining, every inch of the G9 screams out quality.

Baracuta jackets are a true investment that will stand the test of time.
These waterproof jackets now contain ‘Coolmax’ technology. This is a technical fabric which keeps the wearer cool and dry.

baracuta logo


As you can tell, we simply can’t get enough of the Baracuta G9 here at John Douglas Menswear. If you’re ready to invest in your wardrobe with this iconic jacket, visit us on Chestergate, Macclesfield and nab yourself a piece of fashion history.

See you soon!





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