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Bags of Fashion! with Fred Perry & John Douglas

We’ve been focused on clothes and footwear a lot these past few weeks, so why not spice things up a bit? For this #FashionFriday, we’re looking at some of our favourite bags. Who says that bags have to be boring and bland? An excellent bag can make an outfit, why look for anything less?

bags fred perry

bags fred perry

Here with the signature gold laurel is Fred Perry. Their interest in the sport and urban trend is the backbone of the company’s excellent design ideas. Even their classic Fred Perry cross side bag in black incorporates a modern edge with the two white stripes. Great for casual days out without feeling like you’re lugging a heavy bag around.

The rucksack is also a great casual choice! The gorgeous deep navy works complementarily with the brown. Durable, versatile, and reliable, what more could we ask for? Rucksacks are great for when you need to carry more things because of the excellent weight distribution and comfortable padded adjustable straps.

Much like the side bag, the Fred Perry shoulder bag maintains a sporty vintage design that simply looks fantastic. Built with the wearer in mind, the modern trendy business mogul can carry their laptop around with ease.


Here we have an authentic Holdall Fred Perry bag in brown. Keeping in style to their urban sports root, the Holdall bag looks exactly that; sporty. Large and spacious, they are perfect for holidays and overnight stays. Plus, we have to admit, the sleek and almost vintage design would certainly add a sophistication to the ensemble.


Ted Baker bags are made with genuine leather and boast quality craftsmanship which is obviously evident from their suits. The Bengal leather satchel in black on the left has a sleek and innovative design. Made to carry your office essentials, the gorgeous satchel is partners beautifully with a two piece. The sophistication in Ted Baker’s designs continues to astound us. Simple embellishments like the duo buckles and the brand plaque add something extra to the design as a whole.

The Jazzjeff document satchel in navy just screams intrigue. We love the textured shell of the bag. The stiffer structure means your documents will be in safe hands! The two leather trims on the front are simple but effortless. Described as an accessory that will “carry you throughout the workday”, we see no reason to disagree!

Holdall bags are great for the more longer trips and this Ted Baker holdall bag is perfect for a no-nonsense wearer. We understand that some prefer to fly under the radar so we have some more modest designs available.

There’s still an abundance of designs at our John Douglas Showrooms on Chestergate, in Macclesfield, so if you’re serious about your bags, please don’t hesitate to come and have a look yourself! We’d be happy to help.





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